Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld (born Karl Lagerfeldt) is a German-born artist and fashion designer. His fashion career got off to a prestigious start in 1955 when he was awarded an apprenticeship at Pierre Balmain. He moved on to Jean Patou just three years later, and remained there for five years, designing two haute couture collections each year. His early designs were controversial for their low necklines, low backs and short skirts. Poorly received by critics, the collections nonetheless made a name for Lagerfeld and allowed him to begin working as a freelance designer for such varied houses as Tiziana, Chloe, Curiel and Fendi. In 1983, he took over as creative director for Chanel.

Lagerfeld created his own line in 1984 and designed for it until 1997. Lagerfeld Gallery brand was launched in 1998.

Fragrances have been available under the Karl Lagerfeld name since 1978, when Lagerfeld Classic for men was first launched. His women's fragrances Sun, Moon, Stars was an iconic and hugely successful fragrance of the 1990s.


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