Fratelli Diamanti

In 2003; our story started in Vienna, Austria, which is one of the most elegant European cities where aesthetics meets elegance and one of the most liveable city in the world. The wonderful combination of the modern lifestyle of this city and its artistic texture makes people take a journey in their inner world and creates awareness about what they want. When I realized that I was slowly getting involved, trying to understand how it was and getting more pleasure from pursuing with some kind of passion, I began to find myself in places I had never seen before. As the doors of this delightful world opened up in front of me, my hunger increased and the scents invited me to touch more. This passion carried me to the heart of the world of smell, Paris. I had the opportunity to meet very special people, many values who have devoted themselves to this business.. The people i was with, the places I've been to, the books I've read, the magazines, and essentially my inner world, and I've realized how lucky and how happy I was. The city of Grasse in France, which can be called the sanctuary of the scent world, has brought me to the peak of my passion.

I guess I wasn't aware that I was at one of the moments of my journey in the streets of the city with tubes, droppers, flowers, herbs, perfume raw materials and expert advice in my ears. Maybe I needed to be in Turin, Bologna and finally Milan to take my adventure to a commercial dimension, which I can still consider as a strong passion. Because every city I went through, its texture, its people, its lifestyle, it prepared me step by step. I was so happy to keep my experiences and passion at the centre of my life, I thought, why don't I do something that gives me so much pleasure to earn my life? It made sense to accept what I was most happy about doing as my job. In this adventure, my brother, who shared my enthusiasm, passion and energy, was my biggest supporter and of course played a great role in our transition to the next stage. He always said I had to make it a bigger part of my life, since the moment he saw that I was really happy with it. My traveling companion, my brother… It didn't take long for us to realize that the “FRATELLI DIAMANTI” will be the name of our brand, as the people we met in the pleasure of this rich world called us diamond brothers because we were better together, special together and different.

In 2010, we started to spend all our savings and energy for this brand, and after nearly 2 years of great preparation, we had a library of thousands of fragrances. We focused on high-quality, stylish, character-smelling odours. We were sometimes lost in this vast world as we try to create perfumes that nurture, capture and share our enthusiasm and passion for women and men. Preparing a perfume is actually a long and very challenging journey. Technical knowledge and specialization is not enough to be able to do this properly and to reflect your feelings. You need to use your imagination, all your energy, your passion, your style, everything you've gained on the journey that takes you to this point. The most difficult part was to create a series of the most distinguished pieces of our fragrance library, which consists of approximately 2000 fragrances. Any part of this series created by presenting our products to professionals and then to your liking, When any bottle meets your skin or when its smell comes to your nose, you should experience the passion we have experienced in making it, we have prepared this series with the desire to make the most of your energy and make you feel really special.


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