Synthese Atelier de Parfum

Synthese Atelier de Parfum, always interested in fragrances; It is the beginning of a passion that has memorized the scent of many flowers and nature in its own land and created its personal collection in 2018.

During his 2006 student years, he worked in a perfume store and saw that the memories were trapped in bottles and presented it to his customers with great pleasure. Each time he smelled it, he went to different periods. It was just like a Time Machine. It did not take long for a person who devoted himself to this adventure to rise in the company he worked for, and he contributed greatly to all the projects of the company for 12 years. He always wondered how to bottle his feelings and emotions. During this time, he developed himself and laid the foundations of the company, which will become a fairy tale for more than 100 years, in 2018.

Known as someone who loves to share what he has learned since his childhood, Abdullah Kuruş thought that his olfactory memory and sectoral knowledge would also be beneficial to others. It received the title of the only organization serving as a Consultancy and Niche Perfume House. With its talented solution partners, it supported different brands and contributed to their growth.

Today it still focuses on original designs, natural and valuable raw materials and very laborious details. Handmade designs are very precious to him. Because each design bears his signature. Yes, we can call the Synthese Atelier de Parfum brand exactly 'Scent Architecture'.


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