Maserati is one of the most iconic luxury vehicle manufacturers. A Global Ambassador to Italian excellence, it has been world-renowned for its high-performance luxury sports cars and grand tourers. Maserati timepiece brand was born from a partnership with the Bologna based automobile maker, the business conglomerate specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing and distribution of watches and jewellery. Maserati watch brand offers four flagship ranges: Classic, Design, Lifestyle and Sport.

Maserati watches have been known for their exceptional design features inspired by the Italian vehicle company's cars from both past and present. The brand’s popular wristwatch models are AQUA EDITION, ATTRAZIONE, CIRCUITO, COMPETIZIONE, EPOCA, ELEGANZA, GENTLEMAN, GT, LEGEND, POTENZA, RICORDO, and SFIDA, STILE, SUCCESSO, TRADIZIONE, TRAGUARDO, TRICONIC and TRIMARANO.


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