Porsche Design

Porsche Design was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of the Porsche founder and designer of the Porsche 911. The company was moved to Zell am See, Austria, in 1974. Prior to establishment of the brand, Porsche Selection brand existed and manufactured accessories for sports cars by Porsche. Luggage series, purses, T-shirts, calendars, model cars, and buttons – even tie pins and cufflinks – specially designed and developed were being offered in the “Porsche Boutique” from the 1950s. Fans of this house were able to purchase some of these items in Porsche Centres all over the world and at such events as the Carrera Cup.

Porsche entered the world of perfumes in 2008 by creation of elegant men’s fragrance. The house has launched three fragrances so far and they can all be recognized by simple and elegant style with clean lines.


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