Alexandre Napoleon Bourjois created the first powder blush in 1863. He was not too fond of the oily make-ups that actors were wearing at that time and word about his new make-up creation spread fast.

By 1879 his blush, by then the first choice of stage performers in the French capital, was made available to the public. A pot containing the powder blush is still a commercial success. The first make-ups of the brand were presented as waxy make-up sticks. They were originally made for actors and actresses but soon became a hit with the public.

A rice powder would lighten skin and leave it soft was presented in 1879 as well. It was one of the most popular products of the brand back then. Catalogues were soon delivered to the homes of many people and offered a choice of blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks and powders. Back then much attention was give to even the tiniest details and Bourjois' success increased.


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